Super Clear Surprise

My hunting buddy arrowed this Kansas buck during the November rut in 2021. It wasn’t until I checked the trail camera pics later that I noticed the Wiseeye Smart Cam got the moment the arrow made impact on camera! You can see the orange fletching on one side and arrow coming through the other. Buck was recovered about 80 yards from tree the stand.

- Jeremy Sluder

The King of the Mesquite

In July 2023, I noticed a buck on my WiseEye that I had never seen before, I was a bit surprised at how tall his rack truly was. My heart was set on taking him down.

Fast-forward to late October 2023, I’m out to bow hunt him. I sat in a ground blind 25 yards from an All Season Feeder, with my WiseEye watching. I’d had this buck on camera for months, even the day before I arrived. The only issue was the dry weather; my HuntControl data showed he preferred a more humid environment.

I hunted HARD for 6 days. According to HuntControl, the highest chance of his activity was that Thursday at 5:00 PM. I slipped out to the blind at 3:45 and watched countless deer make their rounds between me and the sendero behind the feeder. At 4:58, all the deer around me picked their heads up and looked over. All I saw was my target buck stick his head out of the mesquite trees and head straight to me. My heart sank to the bottom of my feet. I had buck fever like I’d never felt before. He waltzed in to about 19 yards, and I was just about to draw when, all of a sudden, a group of dove hunters about 300 yards on another property cranked up their ATV to pick up birds. All the deer in front of me, including Pimp, my target buck, picked their heads up, looked over the blind, and bolted. I tried to get him to stop, but it didn’t work. Bummed, I had to pack up the next morning and head home.

I hadn’t received a picture of my buck for over 2 months. Suddenly, I got a notification from HuntControl the week of Christmas that there was a deer in his most visited sendero. I checked my picture, and sure enough, it was him. I thought someone else had surely tagged him. I had to get back out there. I received pictures of him every day, morning and evening, like clockwork. On New Year’s Day, we arrived at New Ranch Outfitters with one goal in mind; to take the buck that had haunted my dreams for the past 6 months.

I read his data on HuntControl, and he preferred humid conditions. Perfect for the misty rainy conditions at the time. I knew it was now or never. I walked to the blind, about 120 yards from where I sat in October, with my 30-06. I watched 5 or 6 little bucks meander around the feeder. After a while, they cleared out. Then, I saw a deer standing by itself. I pulled up my binos, and my heart sank, just like it did back in October. Buck fever started all over again. I raised my rifle and took the 130-yard shot. My WiseEye captured him running after he was hit. He didn’t make it 60 yards from the spot I shot him. I have now completed the story of “Pimp,” the buck I spent so much time and effort trying to kill, all thanks to my WiseEye DataCam.

- Cole Legnon

PawPaw’s First Deer

After 73 years, I was finally able to get my Grandpa his first deer. Not many people my age can say they took their Grandpa on his inaugural deer hunt, but I made it happen. I had previously scouted using my WiseEye and knew there were several does on this trail emerging into the field around 4:30 PM on a Southeast wind. So, on November 12th at 3:40 PM, I took my Grandpa out. According to HuntControl, the predicted time to see deer was 4:00 – 7:00 PM.

We settled into the blind, shared a few stories, cracked a few jokes, and simply enjoyed our time in the deer stand. It’s the kind of time every guy would want to spend with his Grandfather.

The hunt continued, but it suddenly got even better. The group of does emerged from the Woodline on the right-hand corner of the field, just as I knew they would. I tapped him on the shoulder. “Pawpaw, get ready. Here they come!” They strolled out into the food plot at 4:40 PM. HuntControl was right, yet again! He grabbed hold of my 30-06, which he had never shot before. He lined up and prepared for the shot.

We picked out the biggest doe, still sporting her summer coat, standing out with a very bright and vibrant orange coat. She was clever, though, standing behind several other smaller does we didn’t want to shoot. After 10-12 minutes of waiting for the perfect shot opportunity, she presented it. Standing broadside at 85 yards, he clicked off the safety. I had my camera ready, capturing the entire moment. He squeezed the trigger, and down she fell, cold as a stone. He wasn’t sure he had gotten her, but after seeing the white belly facing towards us, he realized he had finally gotten his first deer. Truly a memory we will never forget. Congratulations, Pawpaw. I’m so glad I could share this experience with you.

- Cole Legnon

First Buck, Data Proven!

Thanks to WiseEye, I got my first buck Sunday, November 26th 2023! for some odd reason this
buck loved to be out and about on the cameras on Saturdays and Sundays. DATA IS KING.

- Cloey Griep

WiseEye’s Banded Victory

My passion has always been duck hunting. Ever since I got the WiseEye cameras, they have been used exclusively for ducks.

I had seen these ducks the day before on the creek, and the next morning, I was lucky enough to harvest my first banded wood duck — something I had been pursuing for a very long time. Despite having killed thousands of ducks, I had never before taken down one with a band, so this was a pretty badass moment.

Thanks to WiseEye for letting me know the ducks were there and giving me the opportunity to hunt the next morning. It couldn’t have worked out better.

- Cade Stallings

17-Point Buck Harvest with WiseEye in Michigan

I harvested this 17-point buck on Oct. 28, 2023, with my crossbow. He had been spotted two weeks earlier on our WiseEye trail cam. The buck’s gross green score was 167.6/8, and it was taken in Michigan. I enjoy monitoring deer movement with my WiseEye trail cam. Thank you for creating such a great product and online service.

- Lisa Lucas

Catching Brokehorn: A WiseEye-Assisted Triumph in the Louisiana Swamp

I am a south Louisiana swamp hunter. Before finding out about WiseEye, I was just using a non-cell camera because every cell cam I tried would not catch service where I was. Until I found out about WiseEye and bought one. This camera has been phenomenal! My favorite thing about it is the instant change from picture to video!!!

So here’s my story. This swamp donkey’s name is Brokehorn. I have been hunting this deer, whom I named “Brokehorn,” for 3 years now, only having him in daylight last year during early bow season. Last year, he had a stud of a body, but his horns were messed up, yet he definitely had character. The 2022 season passes, and I was never able to capitalize on Brokehorn. Fast forward to this year, Brokehorn shows up and is an absolute stud of a 7pt swamp donkey!!

On Monday, December 4, 2023, only a few days after my wife and I welcomed our second child, after 7 days of no hunting, she tells me, “Go make an afternoon hunt! I’ll watch the two kids.” Without hesitation, I hook up my boat and head to my stand. Sitting there, I had an eerie feeling; it seemed like the perfect afternoon. 5 o’clock comes around, and a young 6pt comes out. So, I’m watching him, and he suddenly turns around and leaves. Not expecting what happens next, there he is! Brokehorn is heading toward me. So I grab my Ruger American .308, get him in the scope, and, well, the rest is history! I harvested one of my target bucks at 5:07 pm Monday evening after hunting him for 3 years! “All thanks to my wife!”

- Darrell Dempster

Father-Son Memory of a Lifetime

My 8-year-old son harvested a beautiful nine-point double main beam buck on September 3, 2023, using a crossbow. We had been capturing images of this buck since mid-July, initially with our WiseEye Mini Cam and then with our new WiseEye Data Cam. The crystal-clear pictures from these cameras provided us with all the hunting data we needed to turn this experience into a successful video-recorded hunt. We’re immensely grateful to WiseEye for helping us create a cherished father-and-son memory that will last a lifetime.

Watch the video here:

- Preston Coursey

First-Ever Whitetail Buck

My name is Shawn, and I hail from Saskatchewan, Canada. I’m a proud member of the WiseEye team, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with these cameras. Recently, a friend of mine expressed an interest in deer hunting, and I offered to guide him through the entire process.

On September 1, 2023, we deployed the WiseEye camera to assist us in scouting the area and locating our target bucks. By September 16, we had captured an image of a nice buck, one that had become one of our prime targets.

Come October 1st, during the muzzleloader season opener, we ventured out to our blind, hoping for a stroke of luck. After observing does and fawns throughout the morning, our targeted buck finally made its appearance. The pictures below, courtesy of the Wiseeye, will be cherished memories for my friend, marking his first-ever whitetail buck. The first image captures the anticipation as he waited for the broadside shot, while the second image encapsulates every hunter’s dream: a successful impact.

- Shawn

Smart Hunt

Got first pic of him I believe it was November 1st. Named him Pitch Fork. Well, he kept showing up 3 days straight around 12:30 pm. Hard to hunt him while at work. Last pic I had of him was Nov.16th. So, I looked at the smart hunt on the HuntControl app. Had 3 stars where I had the camera, so I went and sat in the stand overlooking our food plot. Wind was blowing, mid 30s temp. I saw a couple young deer come out starting to eat. All of a sudden, they took off running. Didn’t know what caused it then a few mins later a big doe came out running I could tell she was being chased. About 2 minutes later he came busting out. 4:15 that evening I dropped him. If it wasn’t for the smart hunt, I probably wouldn’t have hunted that stand that evening. I owe this buck to WiseEye. By the way, I only have one camera so far and was able to have this success. With multiple cams you could really pinpoint a buck.

- Zach Mitchell

North Wind Buck

I’ve been getting pics of this nice buck for weeks. I was able to tag him and HuntControl patterned him for me. HuntControl used all the data from the photos and informed me of the best time and conditions to hunt this guy. HuntControl said that he was showing up with a North wind, so I used the weather forecast that HuntControl provides and made plans to hunt him when the wind was forecasted to be out of the North. I stayed out in the area and waited until the wind was out of the North. When it was right, I showed up, and so did the buck! Thanks HuntControl!!

- William Powers


A good friend of mine (Bobby Gates’) 11-year-old daughter, Leigha Gates loves to deer hunt. They have come hunting with me for the last 3 years when she got out of school. Leigha has been wanting to get her a racked buck. On the evening of 12/26/22 they met me at my camp to hunt for a few days. I was so excited, because I had several rack bucks coming in like clockwork and felt sure she would get a shot. I told Leigha and her dad to take any buck that they wanted to. On the morning of 12/27/22 it was cold, 27 degrees if I remember right. I set them up in a ladder stand in one of the hottest spots I could think of. Leigha about froze to death. The deer didn’t move that morning for some reason. They only saw a spike, which she passed on. When I went to pick them up, we set up a ground blind under the ladder stand. That evening found them tucked away in that ground blind. I was sitting about 400 yards down the wood line from them. Just before dark, my phone buzzed letting me know to check my email. A picture of an 11 point had just come in. I text Bobby, “shoot that buck!!!” He texted back “waiting for him to turn”. Time is passing and my heart is beating hard in my chest, anticipating the shot. Then I hear the crack of the rifle. Myphone buzzes again. “She dropped him in his tracks”. Then my phone buzzes again. Check the email. The camera caught the whole thing. Unbelievable.

- Tommy Gayle

No Time

This year has been very tough to get out into the field, I’m a father of five with four of my daughters still living in our house, so the girls keep me busy. My job on the other hand also keeps me very busy, since the start of Covid-19, working in a prison for 26 years I’ve never in my career seen anything like what I’ve seen in the past 3 years. The prison system was one of the hardest hit places here in Michigan, the amount of hospital coverage was insane, and with already having staff shortages I cannot even explain to everyone how crazy it was, it was common to work an 18–19-hour day only to come back into work after a little over 4 hours of sleep and work 8 or sometimes another 16 hours shift. As of lately I can tell you things have slowed down a bit, on an average we are only getting mandated about once a week. During this time, it has been very hard to get out into the woods, but I can tell you without hesitation, WiseEye Smart Cameras has helped me with harvesting two mature bucks, one during the 2020 season and this one I’m posting pictures about in the 2022 season. This buck I think hung out on the south side of our property and I didn’t get many pictures of him until November 9th when I got two pictures of him back-to-back moving northwest on our hunting property. I received these pictures right after I got out of work, and the first thing I did was call the wife because I normally don’t hunt during the week much. The wife made plans for the kids, so I could get out into the woods.

My plans for this hunt were simple, I thought that just maybe he would head back south in the evening, so I sat in a ladder stand near the first camera that I got a picture of him. After about an hour of sitting I noticed a small buck walking across a field east of me and not coming in my direction, so I decided to try to entice him with a couple doe bleats, followed with a buck grunt, and within about 15 minutes I heard something to the west of me, I turned around and this 9 point that I had gotten on camera earlier was probably 35 yards away heading right towards me. By the time I put my binoculars down and grabbed my bow he was less than 20 yards away, my goal for this year was to record a hunt with my camera, but I chose not to worry about the camera and concentrate on getting my bow pulled back without being seen. By the time I was ready to take the shot he was 15 yards directly in front of me, I tried to stop him with a grunt but was unsuccessful, so I took the shot, and it was horrible, high, and just in front of the hind quarter. I was convinced this was a gut shot deer. I watched him run about 50 yards and then disappear into the tall weeds, I sat there in agony over that shot, I’ve been hunting most of my life and I can tell you counting on one hand, how many bad shots I’ve made.

I made a call and got ahold of my friend Kyle Hunter because I was sure that some tracking was going to be involved, he didn’t hesitate one bit, coming out and giving me a hand. When he finally got out there it had been close to an hour since I took the shot, Kyle tried his best talking me into giving it a couple more hours to sit after he had herd where the shot placement was, but against better judgment I made the decision to track it due having to work a double the next day. We found the deer at the last place I had seen him; I think that I had hit him so high, that I hit the femoral artery just below his spine and he bled out.

I must give a big Thank You to WiseEye cameras and all the people that are behind the camera who I’ve become friends with, I definitely believe that if it wasn’t for this camera, I would not have taken this buck, not on this day!!!

- Todd Riley

Bump Free Scouting

I guess this is better late than never. My best friend harvested this 8-year-old deer last season. We have had this buck on different cameras for 5 years I think and had seen him while mowing food plots in August two different years and took pics from the cab of the tractor. Well, last November 9th, my buddy Josh finally was able to put an arrow in him. I sent a short video clip from the WiseEye camera on November 4 at 2:19am in our food plot. These cameras have been such a convenient tool in being able to know what animals are moving around the farm, and not having to physically go and get disks, taking a chance at bumping deer at vital times of the season. Also, it helps to know what areas to hunt at the right times. This old mature buck gave us the run around for a lot of years. Thanks again for a great, great reliable product.

- Matt Ford

Catalog Deer

Two years of trail camera history with my target buck using WiseEye cameras. Thank you guys for making such an awesome product that allows us hunters to better catalog our deer herd and maintain a healthy age structure!

- Logan Hemric

Clearly Better

Attached are photos of a 7pt taken on our farm in Liberty, MS on Saturday, 1/7/23. Over the past 2 weeks we had this buck in the daylight quite a bit and positioned our WiseEye Mini Cam on a travel route between 2 food plots. I included a few of the daylight photos we received, and they are very clear!! On the evening of 1/7, this buck, and 4 other younger bucks came into one of our food plots trailing a doe just after 4:30pm. He was taken around 4:45 and dropped in his tracks. This was our first buck taken out of this particular food plot, so it was great to see all the hard work and preparation finally pay off. He was aged at 3.5 yrs old, 185 lbs, 16” inside spread, and 20” beams.

To date we have been extremely pleased with the WiseEye mini cam. The ease of operation, reliability, and clear photos have surpassed other brands of cameras we have run in the past. We will certainly be adding some additional cameras to the fleet this spring.


- Kyle Cavalier

Halloween Buck

The SmartCam took hundreds of pics of this SE Ohio buck and HuntControl helped me put a plan together to kill him. It all came together on Halloween at 3:30pm. He came strolling by heading to a doe bedding area and I was in the right place at the right time based off the intel the SmartCams were telling me. This is my first cell camera, and the pics are impressive (both day & night).

- Josh Keiter

Game Plan

When your challenged with only a few days to try to punch your late season tag, you must have a game plan. With no sign of Turned Up Tony, we were having a hard time deciding what stand to hunt. Within hours of departing, a familiar buck re emerged from the dead! We wrote this buck off as a victim of EHD since we had zero pictures since the news of EHD was heard. We knew exactly where to go and when to be there thanks to our WiseEye SmartCam! A little history of this camera, it is one of the original runs of the SmartCam and it has been on this very hill for over 2 years sending pictures. The only time it has been off the hillside… to take these photos. I just had to share with you the quality & durability of it. Weathered and faded a bit but hasn’t missed a shot through snow, ice, high winds, and extreme sunlight. Back up the hill it goes!

- John MacPherson

Data Does It

I had been getting this buck on camera periodically, but he was not a regular visitor. I started using data collected from my WiseEye camera and the HuntControl app to pattern when this buck would show up. I avoided hunting this stand until the weather conditions matched his movements. The next two days were going to be very similar to his weather patterns. The next morning, I went to that stand and got in well before daylight. As light started to appear, I had a couple doe and a small buck come in and start feeding. A few moments later he came walking in and presented me with a broadside shot at about 80 yards. The WiseEye cameras capturing pictures and the HuntControl app collecting data on this buck played a major role in telling me when to hunt and helped me with a successful harvest.

- Greg Mayo

The Boss

This was my first full season on a piece of property that I bought here in Georgia, and I had to get the place figured out. I had a feeling there’d be some good bucks here and I needed to find them. I started seeing this buck on and off earlier in the season but come October he went completely nocturnal. I found a couple scrapes I knew had to be his. He was the boss and wanted everyone to know. I picked up 2 new WiseEye SmartCams and put them to work. With HuntControl, I was able to establish his bedding area, travel routes, and predict when I was going to be able to catch him on his feet in the daylight. Yesterday morning it all came together on one of his main scrapes!

- Craig Molesworth

The One

If you haven’t heard of the WiseEye SmartCam equipped with HuntControl you are missing out. Here at Lucky S Farms, we believe in taking mature deer, and Quality Deer Management. After getting numerous pictures of the “Covid Buck” we decided this was the one we needed to get after this year. This deer was 100% patterned using HuntControl. The pics explain his most active periods based on the multiple cameras we are running. On opening day of bow season, this buck took a dirt nap at 9:46am. Thanks to the WiseEye SmartCam for producing some of the highest quality pictures sent via phone, and I can’t explain what HuntControl can do!

- Cade Stallings


Hi, my name is Bryson Duffy. This is the story of one of my uncle Rich Bond’s biggest bucks to date. This spring we had a flood that submerged one of our fields in over 4 feet of water. In that water about 2ft deep was one of my WiseEye cameras. It was under water for 3 or 4 days before the water receded and I was able to get to the camera. To my surprise, after pulling the batteries and SD card out of the camera and letting it sit open for a little over a month, I put a fresh set of batteries and a new SD card in the camera, and it turned on without skipping a beat. I then used that camera along with a new WiseEye Mini Cam that I bought this summer to pattern a buck that was a main frame 10 with an extra unicorn horn shooting out of his left base. Over the summer and into the weeks just before season I had this buck patterned. He would cruise by at midnight and then return at first light spending most of the morning at that location. He would stay there for about 5-7 days before switching sides of the property and then repeating the cycle. Opening day marked day 4 of his cycle. Opening morning I woke up and checked my Hunt Control app and saw that he stayed on schedule and was at my uncles stand at midnight. That morning I met my uncle in the driveway of my house and told him that he was going to kill that buck by 8 that morning. Sure enough, I’m in my stand and my Hunt Control app lights up. The buck had showed up like clockwork. At 6:43am I got the first picture of him in front of my uncle. At 6:57am he responded saying he smoked him! The WiseEye got a picture of us looking at his arrow and talking about where the buck ran off to. About 20 minutes after that photo, we were holding the rack of one of my uncle’s biggest buck harvests to date. To make this even more special it was his first deer to ever take on property that he owned. Thanks to the WiseEye cameras and HuntControl app we had that buck down to a minute by minute schedule and punched his ticket on opening morning.

- Bryson Duffy

Beast of the East

After getting pics of this buck in 2020 then again in 2021 and seeing him blow up, I knew he was going to be something special this year. In the late winter of 2021 he frequently appeared on my WiseEye Smart Cam and I was fortunate to find his shed. Owning only 20 acres, I knew I had to play it smart. This buck was appearing the most with East winds. On Friday, October 28th we had ENE winds and I knew where I needed to be in case he showed up. I was able to capitalize on the opportunity when it was given on this 181 5/8” buck. Huge thanks to WiseEye and PredictaBuck!

- Brock Wilson

Right Place, Right Time

I’ve been keeping track of this bruiser thanks to our WiseEye SmartCams. I knew he liked this secluded hillside food plot and he hit our mock scrapes regularly. This past week he was a frequent visitor early afternoons before heading down to the corn fields for late night grubbing. I made the right call and thanks to the Intel from our WiseEye’s, I was in the right place at the right time!

- Beth MacPherson


This deer has been a ghost on my place. I got 1 picture of him last year and had zero thoughts of targeting him this year. That changed the morning of November 17th. I caught a split-second glimpse of him from my ground blind and immediately knew what deer it was. I knew the direction he was going and it’s a place that I typically leave alone because the access is so difficult. But, thanks to WiseEye I have a cell camera in the area now. 20 minutes later he was on that camera.

The morning of the 18th I made the decision to go in and hunt him in that area. Around 8AM he came in, locked down with a doe. I watched him breed her multiple times for over an hour before they worked off. I slipped out pretty confident they would work back out in the evening. He was off of his doe and came in at about 4PM. 22 yard shot and my arrow sailed right over his back! Partly my fault, but he ducked a LOT!

No pictures after that point until the afternoon of the 19th. He was back on the same camera in the exact spot I had missed. Problem was, I was in a stand 400 yards away. In eight minutes that deer traveled 400 yards to the spot I was at. I was shocked to see him step out! Thankfully I was able to redeem myself and made a perfect shot. I 100% give credit for this success to WiseEye cameras. They are phenomenal and a great tool for any serious hunter.

Thank you WiseEye!

- Ben Malone

Efficient Hunting

Had this guy patterned down to coming through for two days, every two weeks. The picture from my Wise Eyes cam was taken the day before I shot him. Thanks to this great technology, I was able to spend a very small amount of time in the stand with awesome results! This was my second year, using the WiseEye camera. Very happy with it.

- Ben Engler

Successful Rutcation

My buddy Charlie, my father and I hunt 110 acres in Siren WI, and we had cameras from a certain cell camera company that we would frequently see deer go up to the camera, smell the camera, and we would get no photos. We decided to make the switch to WiseEye and it has been a game changer for us. We bought 16 total WiseEye cell cameras.

The fist photo we got of “Clifford” was on 10/25/22 and it turned out to be 40 yards (as the crow flies) from where he was shot which turns out was right on the edge of his bedroom. I had a feeling this was the case. We placed cell cams all around a swamp he was living in.

I had taken two weeks off for rutcation with my old man and it was a terribly hot and slow week and a half. We had a big cold front come through on Thursday 11/10/22 with some freezing rain. When I was walking out to my stand, the ground was cracking due to the frozen wet leaves. I brought a doe decoy with some scent out to hopefully drive something in. As I was making my way into the stand, I heard Clifford about 60 yards away grunting his face off and making scrapes. I am guessing he thought I was another buck. Once it got light, I saw him pace back and forth on a ridge 30 yards away but in too much brush where I couldn’t get a shot. He saw the decoy and worked his way back towards me to get to the decoy. I made a 27 yard shot. It was such a cool experience and our biggest buck on the property to date!

- Anthony Johnson

Bedroom Buck

I was hunting this buck all year and found this transition zone where I thought he might be so I decided to put the WiseEye Mini here and I got his picture. I didn’t realize he was bedding so close. I actually saw him stand up out of his bed! 2 days later I killed him! I would have never known that this buck was in here without WiseEye! Your cameras are awesome!!! Thank you!!

- Andre Raber

No More Guesswork

I’ve had history with this 4.5 year old 8 pt all summer I called “SKY 8”. WiseEye kept me notified of all deer movement coming into my Eagle Seed “SMORGASBORD” food plots. I set up a ground blind, and after 6.5 hours and two sets with the right wind, I closed the deal. Thank you WiseEye for creating a great product that helps hunters save money and time, and realize success. NO MORE GUESSWORK WHEN YOU USE WiseEye and PredictaBuck!

- Alex Rutledge

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