Simple & Smart

Easy to set up right out of the box with pre-activated cell plans, you don’t have to deal with AT&T or Verizon. Just set up an account at and start patterning deer! (More on that later!) The SmartCam and SmartCam Mini are packed with top of the line features. Both the SmartCam and the Mini transmits a 2-5x larger photo providing one of the clearest cellular images out there. We believe we have built the best trail cameras, with premium features, and with the most intelligent interfaces. We look forward to improving your hunting and scouting experience and helping you with more successful hunts.

Pattern & Predict

Pattern and predict animal movements with HuntControl! How do we do this? It’s a long answer so stay with us. First, when the SmartCam takes a picture, it sends the image  to HuntControl where it gets automatically sorted by species; even buck vs doe. After that, we use the SmartCam’s internal GPS to determine the location at which the picture was taken. From there we use that location to determine the weather data at the spot where the picture was taken. With this data, we can start patterning the weather and time of day to predict the animals movements. The longer your SmartCam is out taking pictures, the more data it collects for more accurate patterns to predict. Of course there are other technical factors that we have patented to get the best predictions possible. Enough with the boring tech talk, click the HuntControl button to start patterning your deer!


Species Specific Feeder

The Smart Feeder is designed to feed specific animals while keeping out the rest. We made these feeders for the government to provide toxins/poisons to feral hogs while keeping out every other animal. We since then designed it as a deer feeder as well, keeping out every other animal. It is the only feeder of its kind but unfortunately it is not available for the general public at this time. We want the feeder to be perfect before releasing it to the public. Our goal is to have this feeder ready for market to consumers in the coming years.