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WiseEye Mini Cam

Simply the best trail camera.
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WiseEye Data Cam

Strongest Possible Signal. Best Possible Images.
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Data helping you Hunt Better.
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WiseEye Cameras are designed to take exceptionally clear photos (which will allow you to readily identify target bucks) and capture critical data (moon phase, temperature, wind direction, wind speed, barometric pressure, etc.) so that you can cross reference sightings of target bucks with this data in an effort to predict buck movement via our HuntControl™ software.

WiseEye Data Cam 2

The best camera on the market, reimagined. Introducing the 2nd generation DataCam, the DC-2. The DC-2 is everything you need in a cellular camera, and more. Sporting two custom WiseEye Camo Long Range Antennas and MultiCarrier Connectivity, the DC-2 will get a signal in the hardest-to-reach locations. Along with jaw-dropping image clarity, burst mode interval, video options, Patent Pending ActionShot Technology, internal storage, and built-in GPS, the DC-2 is sure to exceed expectations. These features of the DC-2 come together to create the highest-utility cellular camera on the market. The DC-2 is changing the way you Conserve Every Detail. - (Also available in a No Glow option: Click Here)
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WiseEye Mini Cam 2

The MC-2 is the product of combining technological advancements and simplicity. This camera brings out the best in utility and image quality, and it is sure to impress. This combination brings you one of the highest-tech cellular cameras on the market in a small but mighty way. The MC-2 is packed with features that set it apart from any other cell camera. It is equipped with RealTime Connectivity, enabling instant changes to settings and personal preferences. This camera uses a color-coded LED light display to show the status of various connections and physical equipment readiness. The Mini Cam 2 uses an Ultra Strong Modem and MultiCarrier Connectivity, which enables the camera to achieve cellular signal in the hardest-to-reach locations. The MC-2 is revolutionizing the simplicity and efficiency of outdoor technology, and changing the way you Conserve Every Detail.
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Jaw-Dropping Image Clarity

Images that are at least 2X clearer than the photos you get on other cell cameras, with no extra costs!
To readily identify specific bucks, which allows you to isolate these deer for predictive analytics, requires exceptionally clear images. That’s why every WiseEye camera features a premium, high performance lens that, combined with our proprietary camera parameter configuration, light adjustment, color contrast and thumbnail compression technology, gives you absolutely Jaw-Dropping Image Clarity on both daytime and infrared (nighttime) images as well. These images are at least 2X clearer than the photos you get with other cell cameras and, because they are thumbnail images, they are easy and inexpensive to send to your phone.
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Data Plans with No Hidden Fees!

No need to pay extra for videos and HD photos!

All Data Plans include

  • HD Photos and HD Videos
  • Patented HuntControl Technology with PredictaBuck
  • Free mobile app for Apple and Android
  • First in class Customer Service included with ALL plans
  • & MORE
Data Pricing

Deer Movement Forecasting Software

By monitoring specific bucks using the WiseEye High-Clarity Data Cam's clear day and night images, and cross-referencing their movements with recorded data, you can predict their future movements with HuntControl™ Deer Movement Forecasting Software. This intuitive software uses moon phase and weather data—such as temperature, wind direction, wind speed, and barometric pressure—to create predictive analytics. Additionally, you can predict general deer activity on your property. WiseEye’s exclusive animal recognition technology, powered by artificial intelligence, allows easy sorting of bucks, deer, does, turkeys, and more.

Automatic Sorting & Activity Charts

When your pictures are uploaded to HuntControl™ they are automatically sorted by species. You will never have to look at empty images or pictures of birds and raccoons ever again.
In addition to automatically sorted images and weather data. HuntControl™ gives you access to many charts and graphs to illustrate the deer movement at your camera. New charts are being added often.

See your deer activity by hour, day, week, month, temperature, wind speed and more.

WiseEye Recognition Software

Isolate buck images with the click of a mouse!

Predictions for a Target Buck:

  1. HuntControl finds bucks in images
  2. Add tags to your specific bucks
  3. HuntControl uses all historical data to generate predictions specific to your buck.

Without a doubt, WiseEye Data Cams and HuntControl provided me the opportunity to harvest this deer.

“I was able to identify what winds, temps, and food plots he preferred and more specific, what time his alarm clock told him to go get dinner and see the girls. I saw him multiple times but never had a clean opportunity at him. Just before a major front came in, I knew it was going to be the day, and he stuck true to his clock. The 2 afternoon pics are 4:35 P.M. and 4:36 P.M. and I always saw him in that window. He took a dirt nap at 4:36 P.M.! We nicknamed him John Dutton because he was the farm boss! I’ve always thought luck was a major factor, this time I outsmarted them with some killer WiseEye technology….and a blessing from the big guy above! This past season was my first experience with WiseEye and HuntControl. I am now currently running 10 SmartCams and I love them. Also, I love their incredible user support they deliver.”
- Shane Garner

Efficient Hunting

Thanks to this great technology, I was able to spend a very small amount of time in the stand with awesome results!
- Ben Engler

Beast of the East

Owning only 20 acres, I knew I had to play it smart. This buck was appearing the most with East winds. On Friday, October 28th we had ENE winds and I knew where I needed to be in case he showed up. I was able to capitalize on the opportunity when it was given on this 181 5/8” buck. Huge thanks to WiseEye!
- Brock Wilson

No More Guesswork

WiseEye kept me notified of all deer movement coming into my food plots. I set up a ground blind, and after 6.5 hours and two sets with the right wind, I closed the deal.
- Alex Rutledge

Right Place, Right Time

This past week he was a frequent visitor early afternoons before heading down to the corn fields for late night grubbing. I made the right call and thanks to the Intel from our WiseEye cameras, I was in the right place at the right time!
- Beth MacPherson

WiseEye “Clear Choice”


If after 30 days you are not completely satisfied with your WiseEye product send it back for a full refund. (Camera must be purchased via our website or through participating dealers)