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Updating the Mini Cam

We periodically release updates to the Mini Cam to improve the features and performance of the cameras. We have included some information about the most current release below. If you purchased your camera, directly from...

Test WiseEye Cam Connection

Once you know that your HuntControl account was properly created and the cameras were added to the account correctly, you can turn to the WiseEye Cam.

Set up your new WiseEye Cam

Congratulations, when you complete this step you will be the owner of the most advanced and yet simplest cellular trail camera ever made. With features like Automatic Image and Video sorting, Activity Charts and Graphs,...

Update the SmartCam’s Firmware

We update the firmware on the SmartCam every now and then to keep it the best camera out there. Below is step by step instructions on how to easily update your SmartCam. Also, at the...

Add WiseEye Cams to HuntControl

Step 1: Log in to your HuntControl account Log in to your HuntControl account at You cannot add a WiseEye Cam through the mobile app at this time.

New Remote Control Features!

There are new remote features added to HuntControl! These features are for both the SmartCam and the Mini Cam. On the SmartCam you can now choose Pic+Video Mode, Night Modes, and Work Timers. As for...

Use HuntControl with Any Camera!

Did you know that HuntControl works with any brand of trail camera? Chart data, pattern animals, tag bucks, predict movements, and more with any camera that uses an SD card. Get all the benefits of...

SmartCam or Mini Cam?

In this article we will cover the key differences in the Standard SmartCam and the Mini Cam and what to consider when deciding between each model.

Proper Trail Camera Deployment

Just like with every male being, the instructions on how to set up a trail camera has been tossed out the window. Is setting up a camera “just right” all that important though? We believe...

Foggy Pictures? Here’s Why!

The weather is getting cooler and the deer are moving. Pictures are rolling in all day and night. A buck finally shows up, however, it’s hard to see anything about him because the pictures are...

Formatting SD Cards

Learn how to format an SD card in both the Mini Cam and the SmartCam. If you are using another brand SD card besides a WiseEye SD card, you more than likely need to format...

Account Management

Learn how to use the Account Manager to change your subscription, add/remove cameras, pause your subscription or even cancel your subscription.