Game Plan

When your challenged with only a few days to try to punch your late season tag, you must have a game plan. With no sign of Turned Up Tony, we were having a hard time deciding what stand to hunt. Within hours of departing, a familiar buck re emerged from the dead! We wrote this buck off as a victim of EHD since we had zero pictures since the news of EHD was heard. We knew exactly where to go and when to be there thanks to our WiseEye SmartCam! A little history of this camera, it is one of the original runs of the SmartCam and it has been on this very hill for over 2 years sending pictures. The only time it has been off the hillside‚Ķ to take these photos. I just had to share with you the quality & durability of it. Weathered and faded a bit but hasn’t missed a shot through snow, ice, high winds, and extreme sunlight. Back up the hill it goes!