Hi, my name is Bryson Duffy. This is the story of one of my uncle Rich Bond’s biggest bucks to date. This spring we had a flood that submerged one of our fields in over 4 feet of water. In that water about 2ft deep was one of my WiseEye cameras. It was under water for 3 or 4 days before the water receded and I was able to get to the camera. To my surprise, after pulling the batteries and SD card out of the camera and letting it sit open for a little over a month, I put a fresh set of batteries and a new SD card in the camera, and it turned on without skipping a beat. I then used that camera along with a new WiseEye Mini Cam that I bought this summer to pattern a buck that was a main frame 10 with an extra unicorn horn shooting out of his left base. Over the summer and into the weeks just before season I had this buck patterned. He would cruise by at midnight and then return at first light spending most of the morning at that location. He would stay there for about 5-7 days before switching sides of the property and then repeating the cycle. Opening day marked day 4 of his cycle. Opening morning I woke up and checked my Hunt Control app and saw that he stayed on schedule and was at my uncles stand at midnight. That morning I met my uncle in the driveway of my house and told him that he was going to kill that buck by 8 that morning. Sure enough, I’m in my stand and my Hunt Control app lights up. The buck had showed up like clockwork. At 6:43am I got the first picture of him in front of my uncle. At 6:57am he responded saying he smoked him! The WiseEye got a picture of us looking at his arrow and talking about where the buck ran off to. About 20 minutes after that photo, we were holding the rack of one of my uncle’s biggest buck harvests to date. To make this even more special it was his first deer to ever take on property that he owned. Thanks to the WiseEye cameras and HuntControl app we had that buck down to a minute by minute schedule and punched his ticket on opening morning.