PawPaw’s First Deer

After 73 years, I was finally able to get my Grandpa his first deer. Not many people my age can say they took their Grandpa on his inaugural deer hunt, but I made it happen. I had previously scouted using my WiseEye and knew there were several does on this trail emerging into the field around 4:30 PM on a Southeast wind. So, on November 12th at 3:40 PM, I took my Grandpa out. According to HuntControl, the predicted time to see deer was 4:00 – 7:00 PM.

We settled into the blind, shared a few stories, cracked a few jokes, and simply enjoyed our time in the deer stand. It’s the kind of time every guy would want to spend with his Grandfather.

The hunt continued, but it suddenly got even better. The group of does emerged from the Woodline on the right-hand corner of the field, just as I knew they would. I tapped him on the shoulder. “Pawpaw, get ready. Here they come!” They strolled out into the food plot at 4:40 PM. HuntControl was right, yet again! He grabbed hold of my 30-06, which he had never shot before. He lined up and prepared for the shot.

We picked out the biggest doe, still sporting her summer coat, standing out with a very bright and vibrant orange coat. She was clever, though, standing behind several other smaller does we didn’t want to shoot. After 10-12 minutes of waiting for the perfect shot opportunity, she presented it. Standing broadside at 85 yards, he clicked off the safety. I had my camera ready, capturing the entire moment. He squeezed the trigger, and down she fell, cold as a stone. He wasn’t sure he had gotten her, but after seeing the white belly facing towards us, he realized he had finally gotten his first deer. Truly a memory we will never forget. Congratulations, Pawpaw. I’m so glad I could share this experience with you.