Smart Hunt

Got first pic of him I believe it was November 1st. Named him Pitch Fork. Well, he kept showing up 3 days straight around 12:30 pm. Hard to hunt him while at work. Last pic I had of him was Nov.16th. So, I looked at the smart hunt on the HuntControl app. Had 3 stars where I had the camera, so I went and sat in the stand overlooking our food plot. Wind was blowing, mid 30s temp. I saw a couple young deer come out starting to eat. All of a sudden, they took off running. Didn’t know what caused it then a few mins later a big doe came out running I could tell she was being chased. About 2 minutes later he came busting out. 4:15 that evening I dropped him. If it wasn’t for the smart hunt, I probably wouldn’t have hunted that stand that evening. I owe this buck to WiseEye. By the way, I only have one camera so far and was able to have this success. With multiple cams you could really pinpoint a buck.