My buddy Charlie, my father and I hunt 110 acres in Siren WI, and we had cameras from a certain cell camera company that we would frequently see deer go up to the camera, smell the camera, and we would get no photos. We decided to make the switch to WiseEye and it has been a game changer for us. We bought 16 total WiseEye cell cameras.

The fist photo we got of “Clifford” was on 10/25/22 and it turned out to be 40 yards (as the crow flies) from where he was shot which turns out was right on the edge of his bedroom. I had a feeling this was the case. We placed cell cams all around a swamp he was living in.

I had taken two weeks off for rutcation with my old man and it was a terribly hot and slow week and a half. We had a big cold front come through on Thursday 11/10/22 with some freezing rain. When I was walking out to my stand, the ground was cracking due to the frozen wet leaves. I brought a doe decoy with some scent out to hopefully drive something in. As I was making my way into the stand, I heard Clifford about 60 yards away grunting his face off and making scrapes. I am guessing he thought I was another buck. Once it got light, I saw him pace back and forth on a ridge 30 yards away but in too much brush where I couldn’t get a shot. He saw the decoy and worked his way back towards me to get to the decoy. I made a 27 yard shot. It was such a cool experience and our biggest buck on the property to date!