• MultiCarrier Connectivity – Linking You to Any Network, Everywhere!
  • Real Time Communication – Change settings instantly from HuntControl while the camera is in SETUP mode
  • Clearest Cellular Photos and Videos – Without Paying Extra!
  • High Power External Antenna
  • 0.4 Second Trigger Speed
  • 3MP Native Image Sensor with 12MP Images
  • 75ft. IR Flash
  • 65ft. Detection Range
  • Up to 1080p Videos that can be sent in full or as Thumbnail Images
  • Comes with HuntControl- The Best Hunting Software Out There! Learn More

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Available for shipping on August 23, 2024


Connectivity: Linking You to Any Network, Everywhere!

With MultiCarrier Connectivity, the camera can seamlessly connect to various mobile networks, ensuring reliable coverage even in remote or challenging environments. The WiseEye MC-2 will connect to the best available cellular network including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, US Cellular, and more!


Real Time Communication

Designed to streamline the setup process for the MC-2. Say goodbye to the hassle of repeatedly toggling between devices during setup – now you can conveniently adjust settings directly from HuntControl, instantly and seamlessly.


Longe-Range Antenna

Equipped with a Long-Range antenna, the camera ensures strong and stable wireless connectivity over long distances. This feature enhances the camera’s ability to transmit data reliably, even in challenging wireless environments.


3MP Native Image Sensor with 12MP Images

The camera’s 3-megapixel native image sensor delivers high-quality images with impressive detail and clarity. Through interpolation, the photos are upscaled to 12 megapixels, enhancing resolution for detailed images.


Burst Mode: 1-5 image burst

Burst Mode allows users to capture a rapid sequence of photos in quick succession, ideal for capturing fast-paced action or fleeting moments. With the ability to capture 1 to 5 images per burst, users can select the desired number of shots to ensure they don’t miss any important moments.


HD Videos: Send Full HD Videos or Thumbnail Image Previews to download the Full Video

Users have the flexibility to choose between sending full HD videos or thumbnail image previews for quick viewing. This feature allows for efficient data transmission, particularly when bandwidth or data usage is a concern. Users can opt to download the full video for full playback when desired.


Largest Cellular Images – All HD Pictures & Videos!

The camera captures high-definition pictures and videos, ensuring exceptional quality. To optimize transmission and storage efficiency, we employ advanced image compression techniques, striking the perfect balance between file size and image quality.


Simple Data Plan

Data Plans for cellular cameras are complicated and full of fine print, That’s not the case for Mini Cam. We have one price that covers all of the data and storage you will need. Need to add additional cameras? No Problem. The new camera will get its own set of images and won’t have to share with the first one. Learn More


Comes with the Smartest Hunting Software – HuntControl

By monitoring the movements of specific bucks, made identifiable by the WiseEye High-Clarity Data Cam’s remarkably clear day and night images, and cross referencing movement with various data recorded at the time the images are taken, over time you will, with HuntControl – Animal Movement Forecasting Software, be able to predict when and where the animal will move again. Learn More



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