Catching Brokehorn: A WiseEye-Assisted Triumph in the Louisiana Swamp

I am a south Louisiana swamp hunter. Before finding out about WiseEye, I was just using a non-cell camera because every cell cam I tried would not catch service where I was. Until I found out about WiseEye and bought one. This camera has been phenomenal! My favorite thing about it is the instant change from picture to video!!!

So here’s my story. This swamp donkey’s name is Brokehorn. I have been hunting this deer, whom I named “Brokehorn,” for 3 years now, only having him in daylight last year during early bow season. Last year, he had a stud of a body, but his horns were messed up, yet he definitely had character. The 2022 season passes, and I was never able to capitalize on Brokehorn. Fast forward to this year, Brokehorn shows up and is an absolute stud of a 7pt swamp donkey!!

On Monday, December 4, 2023, only a few days after my wife and I welcomed our second child, after 7 days of no hunting, she tells me, “Go make an afternoon hunt! I’ll watch the two kids.” Without hesitation, I hook up my boat and head to my stand. Sitting there, I had an eerie feeling; it seemed like the perfect afternoon. 5 o’clock comes around, and a young 6pt comes out. So, I’m watching him, and he suddenly turns around and leaves. Not expecting what happens next, there he is! Brokehorn is heading toward me. So I grab my Ruger American .308, get him in the scope, and, well, the rest is history! I harvested one of my target bucks at 5:07 pm Monday evening after hunting him for 3 years! “All thanks to my wife!”