A group of South Louisiana hunters is not the most common origin story for technological development, but it is our story.

Years ago, we learned of the problems faced by the U.S. and other countries from the damage caused by wild pigs. At that time no one had been able to develop a successful means of controlling or eradicating the pigs. Well, many of you probably know what happens next. We learned about this seemingly impossible task that people much smarter than us could not solve and we said, “We can do that.” That’s how WiseEye Technology was born. We did succeed; our small family of hunters and fishermen built a machine that was capable of feeding pigs and nothing else. We called it H.A.M. or Hog Annihilation Machine. We created the best delivery system for delivering medications or toxins to wild pigs, but to date there is not a toxin that is approved for use. You can still see our machines in action at wiseeyefeeders.com

Since there is no toxin ready for use in our machine, we wondered what else this machine could do. A while later after a quick redesign, we released WiseEye Smart Feeders. WiseEye Feeders allow ranchers, hunters and outfitters to feed only the species of animal that they choose and keep everything else out. WiseEye feeders also use their cameras and technology to create mountains of useful data for the hunter such as when their deer will be back to the feeder.

People love the WiseEye Feeder, but we always thought we could do more with the technology. So we created HuntControl. HuntControl gives the same type of data that our incredibly advanced feeders provides. Using HuntControl even the most novice hunter can set out a trail camera and get incredible amounts of data to help them hunt better. That is our real goal to make your hunting, and our hunting better. We hope our technology can help put you on better deer and help you to have a better season. We also hope that our technology helps to reach out to the next generation of hunters so that this sport can continue to grow. We would love to hear what you think of HuntControl. Please give it a try today, its free and you will never be tricked, gimmicked or pressured into anything with. If you like the trial, check out our subscriptions. If you have any questions use our contact us page or our live chat to let us know. Just understand that around sunrise and sunset during some parts of the year we may have to get out of the stand first to answer your questions.

Thanks and Happy Hunting, WiseEye Technology