This deer has been a ghost on my place. I got 1 picture of him last year and had zero thoughts of targeting him this year. That changed the morning of November 17th. I caught a split-second glimpse of him from my ground blind and immediately knew what deer it was. I knew the direction he was going and it’s a place that I typically leave alone because the access is so difficult. But, thanks to WiseEye I have a cell camera in the area now. 20 minutes later he was on that camera.

The morning of the 18th I made the decision to go in and hunt him in that area. Around 8AM he came in, locked down with a doe. I watched him breed her multiple times for over an hour before they worked off. I slipped out pretty confident they would work back out in the evening. He was off of his doe and came in at about 4PM. 22 yard shot and my arrow sailed right over his back! Partly my fault, but he ducked a LOT!

No pictures after that point until the afternoon of the 19th. He was back on the same camera in the exact spot I had missed. Problem was, I was in a stand 400 yards away. In eight minutes that deer traveled 400 yards to the spot I was at. I was shocked to see him step out! Thankfully I was able to redeem myself and made a perfect shot. I 100% give credit for this success to WiseEye cameras. They are phenomenal and a great tool for any serious hunter.

Thank you WiseEye!