Bump Free Scouting

I guess this is better late than never. My best friend harvested this 8-year-old deer last season. We have had this buck on different cameras for 5 years I think and had seen him while mowing food plots in August two different years and took pics from the cab of the tractor. Well, last November 9th, my buddy Josh finally was able to put an arrow in him. I sent a short video clip from the WiseEye camera on November 4 at 2:19am in our food plot. These cameras have been such a convenient tool in being able to know what animals are moving around the farm, and not having to physically go and get disks, taking a chance at bumping deer at vital times of the season. Also, it helps to know what areas to hunt at the right times. This old mature buck gave us the run around for a lot of years. Thanks again for a great, great reliable product.