For those users who “Paused” their subscription, restarting is a very simple process. Pausing your subscription means that you are paying a small fee of $4.99 monthly to maintain all of your account information, images, videos and cameras in the cloud. The only thing missing is the cellular connectivity between your cameras and HuntControl necessary to upload new pictures and videos. The steps below will help you restart your cellular services for a Paused subscription.
Click Here to Learn More About Pausing Your Subscription
If you Cancelled your subscription instead of pausing, then you will need to create a new account and enter your camera information again to start your service.


Profile in the Menu
  • Select “Account Management”
  • Click “Change My Subscription”.
Account Management Page
  • On the next screen, make sure you enter the desired number of cameras at the top and then click the level and frequency of subscription that you would like. You will be asked to confirm the subscription change by Stripe on the next window. If there is a problem with your payment method on file, you will be asked to enter new information.

If you have any problems please reach out to us at 225-478-4026 or

If you want to learn more about all the features HuntControl has to offer, please watch this video series. HuntControl Tutorials