Quick Start Guide

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Step 1: Download HuntControl App

Or use on the web:


Step 2: Login to HuntControl

Login using the same credentials you used when you purchased your subscription. 

You can log into the app or at me.huntcontrol.com

Step 3: Add Your Cameras

You can find detailed instructions here.

The IMEI number is located on tags on the bottom of the box and the top of the camera. For mini cams, you can display a QR code of the IMEI number on your camera by entering setup and tapping the right arrow key. You can scan cameras into the mobile apps using your device’s camera.

Enter or scan your IMEI number and Enter a name for the camera.

Step 4: Explore HuntControl

HuntControl is by far the most feature rich trail camera management system in the world, and it is not close.

HuntControl Offers:

  • Species Recognition
  • Customized Alerts, both email and Push
  • Weather Data
  • Activity History and Charts
  • Image Tagging
  • Detailed Mapping
  • The ability to work with SD Card based cameras
  • Detailed Predictions and so much more.

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