MiniCam and DataCam Firmware Update



  1. Make sure you have a 32GB or less SD card that is either a WiseEye card or one that has been formatted while inside of your camera. Note: (If you don’t have access to an SD card that has been formatted with the camera, you can format an SD card using a PC. Just be sure to format the SD card to FAT 32 at 64 kilobytes)
  2. Download the .zip file from the button above.
  3. Open/Uncompress the file on your computer.
  4. Put the SD card in your computer and open it in a file browser.
  5. Copy all files from inside of the firmware update folder onto the main folder of the SD card. DO NOT copy into the DCIM or any other folder of the SD card, the files should be in the same folder as the DCIM folder and not inside any folders.
  6. Eject/Remove the card from your computer.
  7. Put the card in the camera and turn to Set Up. You either need good batteries or external power.
  8. Hit the menu button to open the main menu.
  9. Go to the “System” menu, which is on the bottom, second from the right.
  10. Go to “FW Update”.
  11. Select Software.
  12. Press OK to confirm.
  13. Leave the camera alone until it restarts, possibly up to 5-10 minutes.
  14. Once the camera restarts the firmware update is completed. You can continue to use the card with the update on it without issue.