There are only two things that you need. 

  1. The WiseEye Smart Cam costs $299.99 and the Mini is $199.99. 
  2. You will need a subscription to cover your cellular data, cloud storage and all of the “Smart” features. This subscription is handled through HuntControl which is our proprietary camera and image management platform. You can see all of the details here.

We have no hidden fees, overage charges or features that cost extra. All of our features are included at one price. 

HuntControl is our proprietary Camera and Image management platform. HuntControl is great at helping hunters organize their SD card trail cameras and get on better hunts. We still offer SD Card plans through HuntControl (really affordable, by the way), but we wanted to allow those hunters who prefer the cellular camera to use HuntControl too. That is why we created the WiseEye SmartCam. SmartCam works with HuntControl right out of the box, making it the Simplest and yet Smartest Trail Camera ever. 

Take a Look at HuntControl for yourself.

We don’t think there is much of a comparison. We give more features, better features, better images and simpler setup than any other manufacturer. 

  • We don’t try to nickel and dime you for every little feature. 
  • We are upfront with our pricing. 
  • We transmit pictures that are 3-5 times larger than other trail cameras that cost much more. 
  • If you add up all of the extra costs that other manufacturers have we are actually one of the lower cost data plans on the market. 
  • Our camera is priced competitively with cameras from all other brands and is priced much lower than many cameras that are not as feature rich. 
  • We also transmit HD video and will automatically sort it as well. 
  • HuntControl is what really separates us from our competitors. Organize, Pattern, and Predict animal movements with our patented technology.

No it does not. When purchasing a camera, choose the carrier that has the best signal at the place where you plan on using the camera at. 

Our SmartCams use the AT&T and Verizon networks. We have had really good luck with the powerful antennas that are on the SmartCam and have not had service issues even in areas where phones had trouble. 

Good question. Every HuntControl subscription for the SmartCam comes with 100,000 pictures or 4000 videos worth of cloud storage. This means that your data will be stored safely and securely with one of the best cloud systems in the world. All of your cams will share this cloud storage. You can add more cloud storage for 9.99 per month, but you probably will never need to and here is why:

  • You can delete images and videos and not lose the data. So if you delete a few images you can specify that you want to keep the data and your charts, graphs and predictions will still act like those pictures are there, even though they are no longer taking up space. 
  • Your “Other” images are automatically deleted. You can tag images that you want to keep, but the “Other” images are the images that don’t contain Deer, Turkey or Hogs. You can move images into or out of the “Other” category. But images in the “Other” category that are not tagged will be deleted at the end of the following month. So you will have all of February to move or tag all of January’s “Other” images that you wish to keep. 

This way you should never need more storage, unless you need to run many cameras. 

This one is a little difficult. Yes and No. We do give a much discounted rate for the subscription for the second (and all subsequent) cameras. However, we decided that every camera should get it’s own cellular data. This costs us more, but it provides you with a much better experience.

For example, other manufactures will sell you 5,000 pictures a month and split that between two cameras. Well if one camera takes 4000 images of hog or raccoons, that means that you only have 1000 left to split between both cameras. 

We wanted you to be able to have more pictures not less. Every camera you add to your plan can upload an additional 4,500 pictures or 125 videos if you are on the Weekend Warrior plan. This way you will always have plenty of data. 

The cameras do share the cloud storage of 100,000 pictures or 4,000 videos, which saves you money. 

There are many reasons your camera may not be sending pictures. The most common issues are SD card issues. Have you formatted the SD card in the camera? if so, have you tried taking a test picture? Please take a look at our “How To” section and use those instructions to help trouble shoot your camera. If you are still experiencing issues, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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