WiseEye Smart Cam

The SmartCam just got a lot bigger...
in a small way...

The much anticipated SmartCam Mini is now available for purchase on our website! Top of the line features packed into a smaller shell. Don’t worry though, just because it’s is smaller than the original SmartCam doesn’t mean that it’s less smart. The Mini is HuntControl compatible so it will still pattern and predict animal movements and it includes all the same great features HuntControl offers. The picture quality of the new Mini doesn’t disappoint either! It will send the same size image as the original SmartCam. Same great pictures sent right to a phone instantly. Available in AT&T and Verizon! Tap the button to learn more and purchase one today!

So what's the difference between the SmartCam and the Mini?


“From tech service answering all my rookie cell camera questions to going above and beyond… I harvested the largest deer to date in my short time of bow hunting, and give a huge amount of the credit to my WiseEye Smart Cam. I caught this particular deer at 7:35am on a Friday morning and decided to take off of work early that afternoon to try my luck. Sure enough, around 6:10pm that same evening, I was able to harvest him. Without knowing he was cruising around in the area that morning I would have never went hunting that afternoon. So thanks WiseEye!”

 – Matt Ford

Simply a Better Camera

Trail Cameras are supposed to make your hunting and scouting better and easier, but instead many cameras are difficult to setup and their interfaces are non-intuitive and not helpful. Add in complicated cellular plans and cloud storage plans and it is enough to make many people abandon the trail cameras all together.

WiseEye Smart Cam is built to make your hunting better, with simple intelligent features:

  • Pre-Activated Cellular Cameras in the Box
  • No complicated setup necessary, install batteries and SD card and turn on the camera. THAT'S IT.
  • Simple Interfaces that are intuitive and work with any device. 
  • Simple Subscriptions that include more than enough cellular data and cloud storage. 
  • Simple pricing that anyone can understand. 

We believe we have built the best trail cameras yet, with the best features and the best interfaces. We look forward to improving your hunting and scouting experience and giving you better hunts. 

Smart Cam + HuntControl

Smart Cam is the best Cellular Trail Camera on the Market. 

HuntControl is the best Camera and Image Management Software available. 

We paired both of these together to give you the best scouting experience ever. HuntControl will serve as your interface with SmartCam, allowing you make use of all of the Smart Features and Management Features, as well as control the settings on your camera remotely.

“If you haven’t heard of the WiseEye Smart Cam equipped with HuntControl you are missing out."

“Here at Lucky S Farms we believe in taking mature deer, and Quality Deer Management. After getting numerous pictures of the “Covid Buck” we decided this was the one we needed to get after this year. This deer was 100% patterned off of HuntControl, pic above explains his most active periods based on the multiple cameras we are running. Bow Season opening day this buck took a dirt nap at 9:46am. Thanks to the WiseEye cam for producing some of the highest quality pictures sent via phone, and I can’t explain what HuntControl is capable of doing!”

 – Cade Stallings

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