WiseEye Smart Cam

The SmartCam just got a lot bigger...
in a small way...

The much anticipated SmartCam Mini is now available for purchase on our website! Top of the line features packed into a smaller shell. Don’t be fooled by the name “MINI”. This trail camera is capable in many ways to deliver all the needs of a cellular camera, with a more affordable solution. Our R&D team worked hard to provide the user with better picture quality to your phone, and we are very excited about the results. Like the Standard, the Mini is compatible with our patented HuntControl technology to pattern and predict animal movements. Available in AT&T and Verizon! Tap the button to learn more and purchase one today!

So what's the difference between the SmartCam and the Mini?

Both are linked to the Smartest Software in a Cellular Camera
- HuntControl

Pattern & Predict

Pattern and predict animal movements with HuntControl! How do we do this? It’s a long answer so stay with us. First, when the SmartCam takes a picture, it sends the image  to HuntControl where it gets automatically sorted by species; even buck vs doe. After that, we use the SmartCam’s internal GPS to determine the location at which the picture was taken. From there we use that location to determine the weather data at the spot where the picture was taken. With this data, we can start patterning the weather and time of day to predict the animals movements. The longer your SmartCam is out taking pictures, the more data it collects for more accurate patterns to predict. Of course there are other technical factors that we have patented to get the best predictions possible. Enough with the boring tech talk, click the HuntControl button to start patterning your deer!

What hunters are saying!


“From tech service answering all my rookie cell camera questions to going above and beyond… I harvested the largest deer to date in my short time of bow hunting, and give a huge amount of the credit to my WiseEye Smart Cam. I caught this particular deer at 7:35am on a Friday morning and decided to take off of work early that afternoon to try my luck. Sure enough, around 6:10pm that same evening, I was able to harvest him. Without knowing he was cruising around in the area that morning I would have never went hunting that afternoon. So thanks WiseEye!”

 – Matt Ford

“If you haven’t heard of the WiseEye Smart Cam equipped with HuntControl you are missing out."

“Here at Lucky S Farms we believe in taking mature deer, and Quality Deer Management. After getting numerous pictures of the “Covid Buck” we decided this was the one we needed to get after this year. This deer was 100% patterned off of HuntControl, pic above explains his most active periods based on the multiple cameras we are running. Bow Season opening day this buck took a dirt nap at 9:46am. Thanks to the WiseEye cam for producing some of the highest quality pictures sent via phone, and I can’t explain what HuntControl is capable of doing!”

 – Cade Stallings

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