Promotional Staff

Want to become a WiseEye Tech Pro Staff member? We are always looking for good people to promote our products and services. However, we do have a few rules and requirements to become a Pro Staff member. We have these in place to help filter out the real hunters from the guys looking for handouts and free gear. Please read through these requirements and see if you qualify to become a pro staffer with the button below. If you believe you are a good fit and do indeed qualify please tell us why by contacting us via email at 

Contact Us

Please provide us your name, business/company, and the links to your social media pages in the email. Also, please provide any information that may be beneficial for us to know. The more info you send, the easier it is for us to understand who you are and how well you will fit our team. Thanks!


Phone: 225-478-4026

Before becoming a ProStaff Member...

We want our Pro Staff members to be well informed of the product and services they are promoting. Because of this we do require you to read through our training manual and take a quick test on your knowledge of our products and services. Below is a link to our Training Manual. After reading through it carefully, take the survey. You are allowed an unlimited amount of takes but we want you to pass with a 100 grade so take it until you pass!