Format an SD Card

You’ll need to format an SD card if the card has been used in another brand camera or is outdated. This will cause the camera to take photos, but not successfully save the photo to the card which in turn, will not to send the pic to your phone. Below are the easy steps showing how to correctly format an SD card using the SmartCam. *Instructional video at the bottom. 

Step 1: Turn the SmartCam to SETUP

Insert the SD card you want to format. Turn the SmartCam to SETUP then let the SmartCam boot up. You do not need to wait for the camera to find a signal or GPS location. 

Step 2: Tap the up arrow

Once the camera boots up, tap the up arrow. You should either see “No File” or the latest pic the camera has taken.

Step 3: Tap MENU, Tap Format…, Tap YES, Tap YES

Tap MENU, then scroll down to “Format..” click the OK button. Next, select “YES” then confirm the format by selecting “YES” again.

*Note: Formatting an SD card will erase every file on the card so be sure to save any files that you want before formatting. 

Step 4: The SD card is now updated

The screen will say please wait while the camera formats the SD card. Once the card is formatted you should be ready to start taking pictures with your SmartCam!