Solar Panel
The system is equipped with an adequately sized solar panel to ensure the battery remains charged at all times.

The regulator controls the flow of electricity from the solar panel to your battery and from your battery to the system components. The regulator is also programmed to shut down the system if sufficient power is not available from the battery and reboot the system when sufficient power is restored. This feature results in long battery life by not allowing damage to the batteries cells resulting in reverse polarity and the battery no longer holding a charge under load.

The system is equipped with 3-megapixel cameras featuring 24 LED infrared lights. The normal effective range of the cameras is 20 feet (detection and processing) but they are effective at much greater distances in the right environment and conditions. These cameras do not simply take pictures of anything. They are designed to take and process pictures of the targeted species only.

The feeder is equipped with separate containment boxes for both the control box and the battery. These containment boxes isolate the electronic components from each other and the rest of the system. This feature not only provides a clean look but also serves to protect the system’s electronics resulting in an extended lifespan of all components.

SmartFlo is our internal gravity feed delivery system. This system ensures that a specific amount of feed is dispensed and equally distributed to all feed bins.

The StaTight feed bins and feature counter sunken doors. This design prevents any animal from getting its claws under the door, damaging the door mechanism and possibly accessing the feed. The doors are operated with electric actuators providing 200lbs of downforce to ensure the doors cannot be opened unless the system detects the targeted species. The feed bins also feature moisture cutouts in the bottom of the bin allowing any moisture to drain from the bin. The doors are also equipped with weather guards to prevent any moisture from entering the feed bins at the hinge area.

The ZapEm System is factory installed and cannot be added later. This feature energizes the system with 10,000 volts of dc current when selected non targeted species are detected. This feature is effective on all game and quickly results in the selected non targeted species avoiding the system. This results in a feeding area where the targeted species can feed without interruption making the area much more productive. If your system is equipped with this feature the system must be raised off the ground. This can be done with bricks, wood etc. You will also need to connect the systems ground wire to a ground rod (not supplied) and drive the ground rod into the ground.   

GameSet is the Wi-Fi control panel that is used to customize the operation of the feeder and maximize your time in the field.

Automatically closes the feed bin doors when rain is detected.  Recommended if using the normally open operating program. (Optional,  user installed)


The Wi-Fi extender allows you to extend the GameSet Wi-Fi control range up to 3,333 feet. (Optional, user installed)