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WiseEye Smart Cam

Smart Features Built In

Pre-Order Special

Normal Price $299.99

Expected Ship Date 3/16/2020

Simply a Better Camera

Trail Cameras are supposed to make your hunting and scouting better and easier, but instead many cameras are difficult to setup and their interfaces are non-intuitive and not helpful. Add in complicated cellular plans and cloud storage plans and it is enough to make many people abandon the trail cameras all together.

WiseEye Smart Cam is built to make your hunting better, with simple intelligent features:

  • Pre-Activated Cellular Cameras in the Box
  • No complicated setup necessary, install batteries and SD card and turn on the camera. THAT'S IT.
  • Simple Interfaces that are intuitive and work with any device. 
  • Simple Subscriptions that include more than enough cellular data and cloud storage. 
  • Simple pricing that anyone can understand. 

We believe we have built the best trail camera yet, with the best features and the best interfaces. We look forward to improving your hunting and scouting experience and giving you better hunts. 

Smart Cam + HuntControl

Smart Cam is the best Cellular Trail Camera on the Market. 

HuntControl is the best Camera and Image Management Software available. 

We paired both of these together to give you the best scouting experience ever. HuntControl will serve as your interface with SmartCam, allowing you make use of all of the Smart Features and Management Features, as well as control the settings on your camera remotely. 

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