Smart Cam Setup

Step 1: Purchase WiseEye Smart Cam

Congratulations, when you complete this step you will be the owner of the most advanced and yet simplest cellular trail camera ever made. With features like Automatic Image and Video sorting, Activity Charts and Graphs, you are well on your way to Hunting Glory. 

Step 2: Register Your Camera at HuntControl

Once you receive the camera(s) visit to set up your account. Your camera is pre-activated in the box and just needs to be registered with HuntControl to start working. Pick from a monthly or yearly plans that include all of the features you will need to be a Hunting Legend. Pro Tip: You get two months free with the yearly plans. Lastly, you'll need to add how many SmartCams you have and enter the SmartCam's IMEI numbers. Those numbers can be found on the bottom of the box, or on the SmartCam itself on a sticker above the display screen.

Step 3: Set Up Your Camera

  • Power the SmartCam: The SmartCam can operate on either 12 AA’s (Standard), 8 AA’s (Mini) or a 12v external power source (Solar Panel or Power Pack). Do not mix
    batteries of different types or ages in the camera.

  • Insert and format the SD card: The SD card can be inserted on the side of the Mini or bottom of the Standard. Please use an 8-32GB, Class 10, SD card (WiseEye SD card is recommended). Every other brand SD card inserted in the Mini must be formatted. (Formatting an SD Card)

  • Test Connection: Turn the SmartCam on to the SETUP position. Let the Camera power up and find a cell signal and/or GPS location. (Note: The Mini does not have a built-in GPS). Tap the OK button to manually take a picture. Watch for a send succeed message (Standard) or a green check mark (Mini) to see if the picture sent successfully. The picture should show up in the HuntControl account within minutes. Be sure to look in the Other category, or in the All Images folder for the image. If you’re logged in to the HuntControl App a notification of the Image being received should appear.
  • Get a Cold Drink, you have worked hard. 

Step 4: Check HuntControl

Your images will be sent to HuntControl where they are automatically sorted by species.

You can go into your profile page and change your notification settings to receive every picture when it comes in or only of select species.

You can change the settings of the camera, such as Picture or Video mode.

Make use of the Activity Charts, Weather Data and Best Time Predictor to have the best season ever. 

Learn more about HuntControl HERE